Best breast pump bags (2023)

Best breast pump bags (1)

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Jenn Bonicelli and Meghan Hertzfeldt | Jul 11, 2022

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Best breast pump bags (2)

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Best breast pump bags

  • Best breast pump bag overall:
  • Best Spectra breast pump bag:
  • Best Medela breast pump bag:
  • Best breast pump with cooler:
  • Best breast pump bag for working moms:
  • Do I need a breast pump bag?

Whether you are pumping to help with breast milk production or traveling to and from work, lugging a breast pump around can be cumbersome. Thankfully, breast pump storage bags have come a long way and now you can discreetly carry your breast pump, store breast milk, and hold extra necessities like your laptop in style.

We checked out reviews from the parents in BabyCenter鈥檚 Community and evaluated the results with our editors鈥 research and experience to find the best breast pump bags. Keep reading for the best Spectra breast pump bag, the best Medela breast pump bag, and more. And if you鈥檙e in search of a quality breast pump, check out our favorite electric breast pumps and manual breast pumps.

Best breast pump bag overall

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag

Designed with input from pumping experts and real-life moms, Sarah Wells bags are beloved by moms who say they make pumping simpler. Thermal pockets on each side allow you to store pumped milk for up to six hours with cooler packs, and there鈥檚 plenty of space for your pump and all its accessories, as well as your personal gear (it can even hold a laptop!). There are snaps on the side that transform the bag into a smaller purse, or wear it unsnapped for boatloads of room.

Heads up

Does not fit laptops larger than 15 inches.

Parents say

鈥淚 have a Sarah Wells bag, the Lizzy, and I love that I can throw everything in and just bring one bag to work.鈥


  • 16 x 7 x 17 inches
  • Nylon
  • Fits pumps from Medela, Spectra, Ardo, Ameda, Freemie

Best Spectra breast pump bag

Bananafish Breast Pump Backpack

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This convenient backpack style breast pump bag is easy to keep organized with 12 specialized pockets that hold your breast pump, pumping accessories, bottles, and a cooler bag. It has adjustable backpack straps and a comfy top carry handle, and the zippered front pocket swings open wide to give you access to your pump. To help stimulate milk flow, there鈥檚 a flap pocket where you can put a picture of your little one.

Heads up

Some have reported having problems with the zippers.

Parents say

(Video) Top 8 Best Breast Pump Bags in 2023 | Breast Pump Bag for working moms

鈥淚 have this pump backpack and have been loving it.鈥


  • 13.5 x 7 x 12.5 inches
  • Polyester
  • Fits most pumps from Medela, Spectra, Evenflo, Avent, Lansinoh

Best Medela breast pump bag

Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag

These bold and professional-looking bags are designed with working moms in mind, and its leather accents give it a sleek, classic style.鈥 The Abby sits up by itself and has a big side pocket that unzips to give you access to your pump, so you don鈥檛 need to take it in and out of the bag to use it each time. The rest of the bag is roomy enough to fit daily essentials (phone, wallet, keys, snacks), baby stuff (diapers, wipes), and a laptop or tablet up to 15 inches wide.

Heads up

Because this is a larger bag, it can be on the heavier side to carry when filled.

Parents say

鈥淚 splurged and bought myself a Sarah Wells bag (Abby and with a Cold Gold cooler bag) on Amazon and I absolutely love it. It was totally worth the price to be able to carry all my pump thing鈥檚 incognito along with my laptop, wallet, lunch, etc.鈥

鈥淚 have a Sarah Wells bag (the Abby) and I love it. It鈥檚 pricey but really nice quality!鈥


(Video) The BEST Breastpump Bag!! What to pack in your pumping bag. BREAST PUMP BAG FOR SPECTRA OR MEDELA

  • 15.6 x 7.1 x 15.2 inches
  • Polyester and leather
  • Fits the Spectra S1 and S2, Ameda, Ardo, Freemie, Hygeia, Medela Pump In Style, Medela Freestyle, Medela Sonata

Best breast pump with cooler

Luxja Breast Pump Tote

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It鈥檚 a bit of a mothership, but if you鈥檙e carrying your pump and lots of other stuff from place to place on the regular, the Luxja tote will be the one bag you need. The main compartment has two padded pockets that are big enough to fit most pumps, even some of the larger Spectra ones, as well as an add-on cooler bag. Meanwhile, there鈥檚 another padded pocket to hold your 14-inch or smaller laptop or tablet, and zippered pockets on the bag鈥檚 front and back for your keys, wallet, andphone)

Heads up

Some wish the inside pockets were more structured and reinforced.


  • 16 x 8 x 13.5 inches
  • Nylon
  • Fits most portable pumps, including Spectra and Medela models

Best breast pump bag for working moms

JuJuBe Be Nurtured Large Breast Pump Backpack

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Buying Options:

(Video) Breast Milk | Breast Pumping | How to Bag Breast Milk for Freezer | breastfeeding

This pump bag鈥檚 adjustable straps give you four ways to carry it: as a backpack, a messenger bag, a tote, or hung from a stroller. Store your breast pump in the exterior zippered pocket, then put its parts, a cooler bag, and all your other daily take-alongs inside the bag itself. The Be Nurtured bag sits up by itself, is machine-washable, and has fabrics with a special antibacterial treatment that keeps your bag fresh longer.

Heads up

This bag is an investment and on the pricier side.

Parents say

鈥淚鈥檓 obsessed with JuJuBe and I got the Be Nurtured pump bag and I鈥檓 excited to use it.鈥


  • 15.5 x 7.5 x 16 inches
  • Polyester
  • Fits most standard breast pumps

Do I need a breast pump bag?

Breast pumping bags are more than an average purse you may pull out of your closet. These bags are generally structured on the bottom to protect your expensive pump and have zippered panels to give you discreet but easy access to your pump's motor. In addition, these bags are usually large enough to accommodate your everyday or work necessities and a cooler bag, keeping your expressed milk safe until you get home.

Breast pumping bags are helpful if you plan to pump while outside of your home. Health insurance companies offer breastfeeding moms free pumps, but they don't usually come with a compatible bag. Thankfully, today's bag designers have created options that are not only chic, but practical, allowing moms plenty of options to fit their specific pump.

How to organize a breast pump bag

Breast pumps are generally designed with pockets and spaces to help you keep you organized. With key fobs, accessible pockets, and outside zippered panels for your pump motor, long gone are the days of losing everything in the deep abyss of your bag. In addition, your wallet and keys can be tucked safely into designated pockets, so they're super easy to find.

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